Professionalism through every nut, bolt and screw

…so that it not only works out, but also has an impact


topteam represents your company.

Each of our employees is therefore committed to ensuring you make a good impression. Based on your specific needs, we’ll assemble a top-flight team of interesting, attractive people—a topteam that works well together and knows how to get the job done.

Before each appearance, we’ll make sure all team members understand your products, activities and goals. And we’ll see to it that they’re outfitted in a way that promotes your corporate identity. Given the diversity of our 1,500 topteam assistants, we can supply suitable faces and personalities for a wide range of events.

Taking care of the formalities

At topteam, we not only do it all, we do it right.

Before we even start, we address issues such as insurance, employee benefits, information for tax authorities, etc. All of our staff are insured in case of accident or illness, and we maintain comprehensive personal liability policies for all topteam helpers.

On request we will even arrange for official certificates of good conduct or good health. Depending on what suits you best, we can either provide topteam staff as freelancers or contracted employees. We are here for you – 24/7. No matter if you have questions, modifications or additional request: we take it and process it – anytime!