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“You have to know and like people if you want to inspire them to do their best.”

Mandy Linnecke called Wernst, topteam GmbH owner

“Since we founded topteam 16 years ago, we’ve focused on four things: teamwork, motivation, commitment and creating an organization that’s transparent. It’s a strategy that’s proven successful—not only for us, but for our customers as well.

I would very much like to get to know you and to explain first hand how effective employing topteam helpers can be. And, right from the start, to answer the question you undoubtedly have about my unusual last name: my great-grandfather’s mother died giving birth to him. His father, Mr. Linnecke, was a sailor who was lost at sea at the time. The baby was raised by foster parents—the Wernst family. When the father returned, he decided to leave his son with the Wernst family, but wanted the boy to bear his name, which ultimately led to ‘Linnecke genannt Wernst’ (Linnecke known as Wernst). It’s a name worth remembering—since I’m here to help