Trade Fairs and Exhibitions

The unique chance to turn customers into friends

Friendly faces offering coffee or a bit of bubbly

and some initial sales information—make it much easier to interest a prospective customer in your product. Our topteam staff represent your organization. That’s why we provide them with extensive communication and trade-show training, ensuring they can present your products professionally and effectively.

We help turn cold sales calls into follow-up contacts—and more. In addition, we ensure there’s always a lot of excitement at your exhibition stand. Our topteams are experienced at providing just the right lively, optimistic touch at both national and international events. And not just on day one. We have a whole host of ways to keep things upbeat, even over extended periods of time.

We’d be more than happy to help you plan your staffing requirements and make suggestions for optimizing your resources—thus helping you reduce costs.

Have a look and decide what you need. Diversity is one of our strengths:

  • Info-counter staff
  • Product consulting
  • Press and VIP assistance
  • Financial services
  • Masters of ceremonies
  • Moderators
  • Stage assistants
  • Runners and logistics staff
  • Market researchers
  • Test-drive escorts
  • In your business centre or back office
  • For catered events (e.g. barkeepers and DJs)
  • As support staff and in all other areas

Special Events

We´ll transform your event into an unforgettable experience

Whether it’s a major international meeting, a small intimate gathering, an information-intense conference, or a VIP lounge—the diverse range of personnel at our disposal allows us to create the topteam that’s just right for you.

We’ll start by working with you to identify exactly what you want to achieve. After that, we’ll carefully consider a wide range of candidates before assembling the best possible team—one that’s friendly, upbeat, dedicated and knowledgeable. They’ll help turn your event into an experience that people will be talking about for quite some time.

We’ll also help you plan your staffing requirements and make suggestions for reducing costs. After all, pleasing people is what we’re all about.

Promotional Campaigns

The bigger the idea, the more important the organization

Promotional activities in particular are subject to a range of influencing factors, depending on where they take place. Should the event be held indoors or out? Who will be responsible for which tasks? Will your product make the right statement? Will your message reach the intended target group? Those are just some questions that must be addressed.

In short, the success of your promotional event depends directly on the dedication, experience and personality of the people doing the promoting. And, naturally, on their ability to make others smile.

That’s why we offer an all-round package, custom designed to promote your specific product.

With our topteams you can be sure to reach your goal!

Full Service

Seasoned professionals – the best protection against the unexpected

We employ creative thinkers who are dedicated body and soul to developing and implementing innovative promotional ideas. They know what works and what doesn’t, as well as how a promotional campaign can be seamlessly integrated into existing advertising activities.

Best of all, when you work with our experts you no longer have to plan all the details or carry them out. We’ll handle everything: designing the exhibition space, working out the logistics, scheduling tours, applying for permits, collecting cost estimates, ensuring everyone is ready at the point of sale, etc. We’ll manage the entire project, whether you’re interested in distributing advertising materials, handing out samples, setting up stands for market research, or anything else related to your current promotional needs.

We deploy our topteams wherever they can boost your success, such as during sales pitches, food tastings and merchandising campaigns. You can even use them to supervise quality-control efforts or entice members of the public to become “mystery shoppers”.

In short: always concentration on your clients but a lot of ease for you.