Reception Staff

Our Special-Project Sunshine: because the first impression matters

It’s a situation everybody knows:

An enticing showroom, high-quality products, demanding customers—and not a free sales agent in the entire store. Experiences that start on the wrong note rarely end on a happy one.

That’s why 15 years ago we came up with what has turned into our one of our most successful ideas: the Sunshine Customer Communications Team.

It’s the receptionist service that’s a cut above the rest—and it’s ideal for car dealerships, estate agents, furniture stores, banks, hotels and a whole lot more. You can book our Sunshine greeters based on your expected customer flows.

Our allrounders for your customers

Your Sunshine team then becomes the first point of contact to your customers. Serving coffee or tea and always in a good mood, they fill the time until a sales representative becomes available—cheerfully inquiring about the customer’s wishes and thus streamlining the sales process.

They’ve been trained in being attentive and engaging others in small talk—thus making a good first impression and helping new customers find their way.

They can also be deployed in numerous other situations: as telephone receptionists, childcare attendants, security monitors or test-drive escorts—just let us know what you need. By changing members at regular intervals, we ensure that your Sunshine team stays shiny and bright. The only taboo is disloyalty, and no Sunshine helper is allowed to work for your competitors as a result.

Sunshine styling: a real eye-catcher

The Sunshine Suit is both elegant and smart, putting a shine on things and brightening the atmosphere.Of course, if you need an outfit to match your corporate brand, we’re more than happy to help you design one.The eye-catching colours help customers find the right attendant quickly and easily.

Sunshine throughout Germany – and beyond

We serve a range of brands in the automotive industry, such as BMW/MINI, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, smart, Porsche and Toyota—in some 30 German cities, as well as in Mailand and Rome so far.

We individually select the right personnel for you – based on temporary employment. topteam is a member of the „Bundesarbeitgeberverband der Personaldienstleister (BAP)“.

Contact us – we will be pleased to develop the right Sunshine-profile for your goals and needs. Inventive in the selection and incomparable in performance.